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Kergan delivers low-touch compliance solutions to HR and Education teams in healthcare, freeing you up to do the work that only you can.

When Kergan started in 2001, customer service software was clunky, frustrating, or just not there. We turned boring, confusing software into a helpdesk that customers and staff loved to use. Skip forward to today. Customer service is more important than ever before.

It has the power to delight, or disappoint; to make – or break – a business. And customer service teams are adapting. To be proactive, to be delightful. To create effortless, consistent, smooth experiences. To drive loyalty; to turn their customer service into a competitive advantage. But the software these teams use is holding them back. Kayako is here to change that, and help businesses get better at customer service.


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Our partners are trust on us. We help each others and we love them so much.


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We have so much clients all around the worlds. We help their company to be succeed.


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We manage our supporters who give us positive clue all the time forever and ever.



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We’re proud to be a digital marketing agency built on continuous improvement and innovation not only with our client’s strategies and campaigns, but with our own company growth. We’re proud to hold accreditations from Google, Bing, The Drum, Clutch and more, with each accolade giving you peace of mind that we are an agency you can trust.

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